Wednesday, March 18, 2020

We're in Singapore!

On our long flight to Singapore, we had a layover in Shanghai.
After a long 18 hours of flights, we land at Singapore's Jewel Changi Airport, where we visit theworld's tallest indoor waterfall! The 103-foot "Rain Vortex is supplied by collected rainwater and flows at the center of a greenhouse topped by an inverted glass dome. Here's a picture of Wren, and then a stock photo that shows the entrance to it. Super cool!
The "Rain Vortex"
Once we're settled into our hotel, we walk to China Town for delicious food!
Dumplings were of course on the menu for us (they're Wren's favorite!), and then for dessert, a sno-cone! But we were in for a surprise, this one came with creamed corn on top, and beans on the bottom! Whaaaat?!
We enjoyed the signs.
A delightful find was the 250 acre nature park, Gardens by the Bay.
 We dined at Satay by the Bay, enjoyed the talking topiary (you push a button and the sound of the topiary comes out of the thing!), visited an energy museum, and more!
A highlight wAS the Supertrees, a grove of 18 giant vertical gardens. Twice a night they come alive in a dazzling 15-minute light and sound display called "Garden Rhapsody".
Another grand and fascinating light-up artsy display, was the 334 giant eggs floating on dragonfly lake, that only later we saw that they lighted up AND changed colors in a mesmerizing flow.
We also visited Sentosa, a theme-park like island resort that's free to wander through.
Soon, we take an overnight train to Malaysia!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Wren's Millionaire post

Here's the link to Wren's blog post about his Who Wants to be a Millionaire taping, which includes the video clip!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Twas the Night Before Xmas 2018

Twas the night before x-mas
And we're in someone else's house
Watching a fat goat, a tiny pony,
And three dogs, but no mouse.

Our many "adopted" animals
Show us they care
With face licks and tail wags
And insure we're covered in their hair.

This house sits by a lake
So we paddled out the boat
The air is crisp and chilly
But I've got my muffies and coat.

The end of the year
Every time has me thinkin'
About how quickly time flies
While I'm just here blinkin'.

A year of such wonder
Full of great wins and great loss
Life shows it's spectrum
Like an almighty boss.

The good things around me
Are in numerous piles
Like my and Wren's family
And great friends who bring us smiles.

So much to be excited for
 In this 2019 year
Travel and adventure
Await us with good cheer.

It's time we settle down
for the evening together
Just me, Wren and the pooches
Like birds of an inter-species feather

Why sleep on the floor, they think
When they can join us in our bed
Surely there's room
For all these legs and heads?

Here's to a jolly good holiday
Full of love and light
May your days be warm and merry
And your future be sweet and bright.


Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Naughty List

I was recently invited to perform with the Frisky Fandom Burlesque troupe for their 3-day holiday show called, The Naughty List. I adapted my chair dance to fit the holiday theme.
 One of the fun new things about being an angel was trying to maintain my proper modesty.
The theme of the show was we were all competing to be chosen by Miss Santa as the star on the top of the Christmas tree.
 My friend Deanna was also in the show as Jewey Idol, the famous Jewish superstar. She sang "Rock the Dreidel of Love", had verses telling a brief history of Hanukkah, and had spinning dreidel pasties. I was invited to be a Jewish girl, sad that I couldn't be part of the celebration because I don't celebrate Christmas, and she comes to save the day.
 The cast.
I don't do much "burlesque" anymore, but when I do, I suuuuuure enjoy it!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sh'Bang 2018

Another year of Sh'Bang!
There are snippets from the Big Circus Show!
Poki filling a wine glass balanced on two other wine glasses, balanced on a stick in his mouth!
Poki balancing two swords on their tips!
Bri Crabtree!
Deanna Flesher as Butt Kapinski.
 Sadye and me as the Hot Dogs!
The Mud Bay Jugglers!
The Cast!
 A taste of the off-road Soap Box Derby!
 The human Pinata!
 During the burlesque show, Poki cleared the table by sucking everything up with his "penis" vacuum. My friend Mylee also did a belly-dance twerking act that had me in stitches!
Wren and I performed our half hour circus variety show in the rain!
We were also part of the rainy Aquatic Circus, hosted by these two clams.
Sadye and I were part of the Aquatic Circus as hot dog narwhals. Here's me with my sweet friend Libby and her sweet pal! Moments after this, they saved me from my horn/tooth being caught in a tree!
The finale of the synchronized swimming act for that show included a multitude of swimmers, and one in the giant ball!
My dear friend Mylee performed this backwards mask dance (something we have done together as well!) with her pal from Chico, and various other dances while her brother accompanied her on guitar.
Random Cool Things... this place is called the Tripping Hazard.
Dad! And his visiting furry calico, Princess Gary! Dad has been coming to Sh'Bang for a bunch of years now, it's so great having him here for the whole weekend! He brings all the supplies to make pancakes, sausage, hamburgers and hot dogs to share! It's so great to have him there!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Happy Little Farm 2019!

WooHoo! This event is the Circus Guild's FAVORITE event of the year! Happy Little Farm owners, Casey and Shelley, host this delightful potluck they call "The Giver by the River" that includes square dancing, music, great food and drinks, kids everywhere, and circus. Here's what the circus portion of this great event looked like this year.
Acro Cats, Chipp and Sadye!
Dream Frohe on the lyra.
Former guild member Ariel.
Daniel wooing the kids with his bubbles and contact ball.
Some of the many happy kids enjoying the circus antics.
The Bunion Sisters, Sadye and Heidi.
Our wonderful hosts, Casey and Shelly (with son Willoughby).
Wren and I performing our "Turn Around" juggling act as Cupids.
Justin Credible performing his hat, cane, feather, and suitcase act.
Keelia! Performing at the Giver for the first time!
Sadye and I as the hot dogs, doing our onion juggling act.
Chipp performing his almost-annual, back by popular demand, Banana of Delight. Introduced appropriately as, "Once you've seen the banana of delight, you cannot un-see it". This year, Shelley was the brave banana lighter.
This photo captures the effect of Chipp's intro for me perfectly.
The cast, including Shelley!
We can't wait for next year!