Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inspirational Comic Relief

So I've been inspired.  Wren Schutz has been creating comics on his blog for some years now, and I just happen to have made two for his collection (which I will share below).  They have been hand-drawn, then had a bit of sprucing or coloring (via computer) from Wren.  His comics are all computer drawn (though others have submitted to his collection as well using various forms of creation), so I decided to give that method a try.
Being my first time, this took me about two and a half hours.  I brainstormed this morning about puns, and liked the idea of heart beat as my theme.  I did some research on Wikipedia for inspiration and had a handful of ideas.  This is the idea that stuck.  To help with the overly-cleverness of this, here is some wiki info on the heart... the heart is self-exciting (it works by it's own cells making it happen, vs. muscles in your leg that need conscious or reflex-driven stimuli to work)... action potential is what is created from nodes and contractions that create and regulate ones heartbeat... therefore, this cartoon heart has to get moving, or "beat feet" (beat being what a heart does) to make itself work... Morgan has the word Organ in it, and Chambers because of the 4 chambers of the heart.  One caption was "Morgan decided to take up jogging after his mom said he wasn't reaching his action potential" and we all want to reach our potential, right?! So anyway, I've been having a great time using an learning Photoshop, so this was another creative opportunity for that.  And now, here are my two previous comics...
Wren added the background and color to this... on his blog he rates it like this... which I think is hilarious!
CAUTION! This week's comic is pretty tasteless. Or sacrilegious. Or in poor humor. Or all of the above. If you are the type of person who doesn't like hearing jokes that fit into any or all of the categories, you shouldn't read this week's comic.
The second comic I created was this one which I thought was definitely not in need of a warning, but simply  pretty darn cute.  Again, Wren added the color and background awesomeness.
So there you have it.  Maybe not enough for a book yet (which Wren has... do I sound like I'm in competition or what!?), or great enough to be begged into art school, but enough fun to continue at my leisure. So three cheers for comic relief, inspiration, team-work, and fun! Hip hip hooray!

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